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Evening Prayer
for the Blessed Virgin

Vespro della Beata Vergine
by Antonio Tarantino

Currently in development

Contact us to learn more about our work in development or enquire about programming this show

This work-in-progress project showcases a new approach to translation with the performer and physicality at the centre of the process

Evening Prayer of the Blessed Virgin is a one-person play told from the perspective of a father who has just lost his son to suicide, staging their last phone call. Embodying his son, and vividly depicting their family situation and the son’s exploration of gender identity, the father leads them on a surreal journey through the underworld.


One of the canonical plays by renowned Italian playwright Antonio Tarantino (the only playwright to ever win twice the prestigious Premio Riccione), Evening Prayer masterfully merges comedy and tragedy, low-brow and high-brow, modern and classic to offer a meditation on family, grief, identity, and acceptance.

In November 2021, with the generosity of NDT Broadgate and Migrants in Theatre, we carried out a 6-day R&D to explore the translation with performer JD Kelleher. 

Directed by: Antonia Georgieva and Aida Rocci

Performed by: JD Kelleher

Translation by: Aida Rocci

Translation consultant: Sandra da Falco

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