and re-memeber."

Aslant Theatre Company is a female-led collective producing new work and imaginative adaptations of the classical repertoire. We provide a platform for re-telling and remembering the stories of the past using an eclectic and provocative range of practices.

We are conscious of who gets to speak and tell stories, especially in literature or on stage, and we aim to give a voice to those who are or have been historically “aslant.” We are asking ourselves how we can flip the dominant narratives, tell the untold stories of the past, examine the overlooked points of view, and retell the classics in a different way.

Production History​


April 1


August 22-25

November 19-23

October - Present

Company founded

Rehearsals for MUSE begin

MUSE performed at Camden People's Theatre as part of the Camden Fringe

MUSE performed at Tristan Bates Theatre

Development of upcoming adaptation project



May 7

July 29

August 21

Approaches to Contemporary Adaptation (workshop with The Hope Theatre)

Script Reading for Theatre (workshop with Part of the Main)

Directing Masterclass (Thornhill Theatre Space)

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