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by Abigail Hirsh and Antonia Georgieva

“Every night of the year, someone performs me... Echoes of the echo.The ghost’s ghost.”

This is Ophelia’s story. But not like Shakespeare told it.


ECHO traces Ophelia’s memory of the events of Hamlet, as she challenges what we remember about her. The adaptation foregrounds the female characters from Hamlet, Ophelia and Gertude, making them the protagonists of their own play and giving voice to their side of the story. In a surreal journey about memory, power, and the self, ECHO grapples with what it means to be a woman in someone else’s story. The unapologetic Ophelia, whose rage has been fueled by the ages, is here to set the record straight once and for all.

A work-in-progress version of the piece was presented in December 2021 at the Golden Goose Theatre with the following cast and team.

Written & directed by: Abigail Hirsh and Antonia Georgieva

Performed by: Jessica Lundholm and Verna Vyas

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