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A show about family, consequences, queer identity, and the meeting of opposites, this digital adaptation of the Ancient Greek tragedy The Bacchae puts the audience's agency at the heart of the experience. The story of the unlikely romance between conservative businessman Paul and the queer anarchist Drew is shaped by the audience every step of the way. Echo/Chamber seeks to find meaning and nuance in more than 240 characters.

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Check this interview with the writers-directors.


★★★★ LondonTheatre1: "would definitely recommend"

★★★★West End Best Friend: "a bold new approach to theatrical entertainment"

★★★★ LouReviews: "a clever, creative, and thought-provoking work"

★★★★ From Page to Stage: "a bold and engaging production"

★★★★ VoiceMag: "impressively uses the framework of The Bacchae to explore themes that are relevant to a modern audience"



Drew - Isaac Hesketh (they/he/she)

Paul - Oliver McFadden (he/him)

Agatha (VO) - Sophia McLean (she/her)



Co-Writer & Director: Antonia Georgieva (she/her)

Co-Writer & Director: Oliver McFadden (he/him)

Dramaturg & Video Editor: Aida Rocci (she/her)

This piece premiered digitally with Living Record as part of the 2021 Brighton Fringe Festival (28 May - 27 June).

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